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This book had me at the subtitle!



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by Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman

This book had me at the subtitle!!!

I’ve always wondered why my sellers wouldn’t listen to the market when pricing their homes, or why buyers and sellers walk away from an offer just to spite the other person. Okay, I’ve also wondered why I make some really dumb decisions too. Sway speaks to all of us in the fabulous stories and research articles that relate to our life and our business. This book truly takes the mystery out of irrational behavior.  If we want to be better negotiators, we must understand people and what makes them tick. Don’t even think twice on this one, it is a must!

The book “The Salesman and the Farmer” by J. Logan Arnold has stolen my heart. The author’s style of writing,  ability to bring the characters to life and the simplicity in which he describes the steps to dream fulfillment are incredible. I found myself smiling, drifting into deep thought about my own life and even crying big tears.  This book hit all of my emotions and taught me a lot.   I bought copies for all four of our children. 

Pete, Runi, Jackie & Goose

Pete, Runi, Jackie & Goose


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