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Jackie’s courses

“It’s a Price War to the Door” (most booked course)
It’s a Price War to the Door, is Jackie’s most renowned and sought-after course.  This program contains new words, dialogues, scripts and methods to separate even the most seasoned agents from the crowd.  Gain an edge for your listings and for your marketing with this one-of-a-kind presentation on new pricing techniques.  Learn the difference between “pricing” and “positioning” and the true difference between “comparables” and “competition.”  Agents around the country have increased their listing inventory, decreased their days on market and increased their income after attending this powerful, fun and enlightening course.
Session specifics: 3 or 6 hour course (Continuing education content)
Negotiations: The Games People Play (most booked course)
What is the difference in a master negotiator and the typical sales person?  A master negotiator understands and practices solid, proven techniques that get to “yes” bypass “no,” and end up with delighted clients leading to future referrals.  These negotiation techniques are not human nature, we are not born with these skills!  Master negotiators are created through a sincere desire to help others and to learn new skills.  Join Coach Jackie for a journey to enhanced negotiation and people skills that can be life changing.
Session specifics: 3 or 6 hour course (Continuing education content)
3 Angles to Amazing Office Growth (broker/manager)
Recruiting and retention continue to be critical to a successful brokerage.  The big question is how to connect and engage with today’s “work at home” and “mobile office” agents. Discover 3 ways to make your brokerage or office indispensable to your agents and become a recruiting magnet.
Session specifics: 90 min or 3 hour course 
Business Planning from the Inside Out
Most real estate professionals don’t have a written business plan.  Of those who do, many plan backwards, with marketing as their first step.  In fact, marketing is the last step in an effective business plan.  Learn to plan from the “inside-out,” plan your life, your business, your strategy, and your sources.  Then, and only then, should we spend our money on marketing.  This 5 step, inside-out, method builds an intentional future and a profitable business.
Session specifics: 1 or 3 hour course
“Stake Your Claim: Mine Your Own Business”
More than 60% of consumers will do business with the first person they meet or think of the day they find a need to buy or sell real estate.  Is your sphere thinking of you on that day?  Or, is your sphere reading another agent’s blog the day they decide to move?  How are you protecting your best asset in real estate?  Your database is your gold mine and your competitors are moving in.  Learn to be top of the mind and to be the “go to” person for real estate.  Learn to create a deep relationship with your database so that you know when change is happening in their lives.  Stay in the know and mine for your gold.
Session specifics: 1, 2 or 3 hour course (Possible continuing education content)
Capturing the “Untouchables”
  • Do expired listings and For Sale by Owners offer opportunity for all agents? Yes
  • Can an agent really capture the expired and/or For Sale by Owner market? Yes
  • Is there a positive approach for expireds/FSBO’s that creates hope and respect? Yes
  • Can sellers of expired listings learn to trust again? Yes
  • Is the return on investment worthwhile? Absolutely
  • Can every agent: new, seasoned, shy or outgoing capture these markets? Yes
  • Is there a system to follow? Yes
  • Do FSBO’s really eat their young? NO!

Session specifics: 1, 2 or 3 hour course (Possible continuing education content)

Success Stragies for Unrealistic Sellers
If you enjoyed Jackie’s “It’s a Price War to the Door!”, you’ll LOVE this course! Fact: Most sellers today have very high expectations!  They want a price that covers their mortgage, what they have in the house, what they need to move on, etc. They also have an expectation of 100% of their list price and a quick, one-week sale when average time on market is much longer.  And what about holding opens every weekend? Or, always a favorite, “Since you sold it so fast you should cut your commission.”  This class is filled with systems, strategies and scripts to help you move your sellers from the state of denial to the state of reality!
Session specifics: 1 or 3 hour course (Continuing education content)
Stop Talking and Start Closing: Dialogues to Save Time and Make Money
One of the things we real estate professionals love about our business is that we get to talk to people all day long.  The problem is that, many times, we talk ourselves right out of business.  This session is filled with dynamic dialogues and lessons from real-life, real estate scenarios that will have the audience laughing and learning their way to greater success.
Session specifics: Keynote  
Listings by the Dozen
Many markets today have short inventory.  Low inventory can, and should, be turned into high opportunity. Learn the difference between marketing and prospecting.  See what top producers around the country are doing to create a great salable listing inventory.  Get “how to” ideas on how to “own your sphere” and the tools to own a niche in the market.  If you want to double your income, simply double your salable inventory.  This class is your ticket to financial freedom and paid vacations!
Session specifics: 90 min or 3 hour course
Selling with Style: DISCovering Your Client’s Needs
Seek first to understand and then to be understood?  Live by the Platinum Rule, rather than the Golden Rule?  Does this stuff really work?  How can a “Horse Whisperer” tame a wild horse in a short time?  Only by observing and understanding the innate behavioral styles of people will we ever really understand why they do the things they do.  What if we could, with fair accuracy, predict a person’s response to most situations?  Communication is Jackie’s specialty!  Learn to identify DISC behavioral styles and work with people to create lasting relationships that will feed your business for life!
Session specifics: 3 or 6 hour course
Agency Makes Cents!
Learn to use real estate law to your advantage.  You’ve heard the old adage “Key West, it’s not just a city…it’s an attitude?”  I believe agency can be thought of in the same way: “Agency, it’s not just about the law, it’s an attitude!”  Agency is not about who signs what, when.  It is about who you work for, whose position you advocate, and how your working relationships earn you the right to not just one transaction, but a lifetime of business.  Learn the laws and earn the business!
Jackie was on the Ohio task force that created the new agency laws and personally designed the original draft of the current Ohio Agency Disclosure form.  She also authored the Ohio Agency Course for continuing education.
Session specifics: 3 or 6 hour course (Continuing education content)
Legal Lifesavers
Learn to “navigate” today’s legal environment and to steer clear of potential hazards that could sink your career.  Case studies on Agency, Dual/Limited Agency, Property Disclosure, Misrepresentation and Earnest Money will help you to recognize red flags and learn great risk reduction skills.
Session specifics: 3 hour course (Continuing education content)
Equal Opportunity and Justice for All
This course gives fresh perspective on where we have been in our Nation regarding Fair Housing, where we are today and what we need to do in order to make a positive difference.  Gain a much better understanding of the protected classes, prohibited activities, testers and sensitivity issues.  The goal of this course is to better understand what we can do individually and collectively to demonstrate overt effort to add balance to American lifestyle.
Session specifics: 3 hour course (Civil Rights continuing education content)
Business Ethics for Business People
NAR’s Code of Ethics and State Canons of Ethics are founded in good business practice.  Let’s face it, without the real estate industry, all other industries would either struggle or dissolve.  We are the heart of the American Dream.  Through interactive case studies, students will learn business strategies and systems that will demonstrate outstanding business ethics to the world of consumers.  This course goes to the heart of our industry and helps real estate licensees to better serve the overall significant purpose of real estate.
Session specifics: 3 hour course (Ethics continuing education content) (Content should be acceptable to local and state for NAR Ethics credit as well as state CE credit)
Who’s Driving the Bus? (for agents)
Are you a passenger on the road of life, or are you the driver?  Are you heading in the direction of your dreams, or is someone or something else determining your end results?  Learn to look down the road to your “chosen” destination.  Learn to make that dream a reality with goal-setting skills, self-determination and personal mind management.
Session specifics: Keynote or 3 hour course
Who’s Driving the Bus? (for management)
Who is driving your company or your office, you or your agents?  What determines your year-end results, the agent’s goals or yours?  Learn to look ahead and create your own destiny.  Become the “Rain-Maker” and gain respect from your agents.
Session specifics: Keynote or 3 hour course
 Dances with Wolves: It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World Out There (for agents)
Many agents don’t know how to survive in a changing market, let alone “thrive” in that market.  Use the survival techniques of Lt. John Dunbar (Kevin Costner) to enhance your ability to cope in the changing world of real estate.  How do we enhance difficult relationships in a time of turmoil?  How do we keep the fire burning?  How do we stockpile what is critical for our future?  There is so much to learn!
Session specifics: 3 or 6 hour course
 Dances with Wolves: It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World Out There (for managers & brokers)
It has been said that our people are our future!  It is becoming more and more necessary to adopt urgent and aggressive recruiting techniques.  The only way to nourish and sustain a company is through successfully recruiting the “right” people.  Will your selection of people nourish and sustain your company, or make it sick?  Use the survival techniques of Lt. John Dunbar (Kevin Costner) to enhance your survival skills and maximize your recruiting potential.
Session specifics: 3 or 6 hour course
Listening Speaks Volumes
Why did we learn to give speeches, dissect frogs, and dissect sentences, but never took a course in listening?  Listening skills are the most important skills we can learn to build healthy relationships that lead to success.  What keeps us from effectively listening and how can we overcome the most common obstacles?  It is time to become self-aware of your personal listening style and enhance the most important skill in life!  Are you listening?
Session specifics: Keynote
Change…What does the Ice Age have to do with My Real Estate Career?
The world is changing and many real estate professionals are still standing on the shore waiting for the waves to die down.  The truth is that the waves of change are only going to get bigger.  Adapting to our new environment is critical to our ongoing success.  Learn to embrace the changes and enjoy the ride!
Session specifics: Keynote or 3 hour course
Silent Success
Have you ever seen a tree grow out of a rock?  What is the “secret” that some people possess that allows them to succeed when all odds are against them?   What are the internal dialogues that make these successes possible?  The story of a deaf woman’s journey through life will enlighten and engage you into knowing that what is given to you, does not determine what is made of you.
Session specifics: Keynote or 3 hour course
Real Estate Zoomba: Shape Your Success
Coach Jackie will shake things up with her fun and profound message.  Learn to Tap into your dreams, Step into action and Strengthen your core beliefs.  With humor and “aha” insights taken from Jakcie’s nearly 30 years of real estate experience, Real Estate Zoomba will move you to a new level of success.
Session specifics: Keynote
Leadership Zoomba: Shape Your Future
Coach Jackie will shake things up with her fun and profound strategies.  Learn to focus on building your core (agents who make money for the company), tap into ways to energize your office, and get your agents to swing into action.  Jackie’s humorous and engaging style – coupled with nearly 30 years of real estate experience – will move you and your office to new levels of success.
Session specifics: Keynote
“Negotiations: Genders, Generations & Genetics”
Negotiating is perhaps one of the most important skills we can possess, be a student of the topic.  Learn to add flexibility for individual clients and to master a few profound universal truths to enhance your skills and increase your business.
Session specifics: Keynote

CRS Courses Section
201 Listing Strategies –   video clip
This course is career and life changing. Stop doing what everyone else is doing and learn new strategies to deal with today’s market and today’s sellers. Separate yourself from the crowd and make your life easier. Increase list to sell price ratios, decrease days on market and increase your referrals. You can’t afford not to come to this one!
Session specifics: CRS 2 day core course
202 Effective Buyer Sales Strategies
Learn to negotiate like the pros and learn new strategies to deal with today’s market and today’s buyers. One size does not fit all!!!!  Learn to read all types of buyers and predict their behavior so that you are better prepared to work with them in their style and overcome the predictable objections.  This class will benefit your business and your life!!!
Session specifics: CRS 2 day core course
103 Mastering Positive Change in Today’s World  (Newly rewritten)video clip
The all new CRS 103 Mastering Positive Change in Today’s World is a day well spent to improve ourselves and to design our future of choice. We start with self assessment, then on to goal setting, time management and creating a plan of action that will make a difference in your business and in your life.
Session specifics: CRS 1 day core course

Available as 3 hr CRS elective courses (see above for descriptions): “Negotiations: The Games People Play” and “It’s a Price War to the Door!”