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We all know that over 80% of the buyers begin their search for homes on the Internet. Those of you who are familiar with my “Market Postitioning…Dartboard Approach…Shopping Cart…and Long List” know that all of my dialogues and statistics used to educate sellers today revolve around the impact that Internet shopping has created regarding the showings on a home.

Most of us currently call web hits and Internet visits on our properties’ “virtual showings.” Then I heard, and liked, the term “Casper showings.” Most recently I learned new, and very effective, dialogue at the CRS Sellabration that fits beautifully with my philosophy as we work to get our listings positioned properly and repositioned when necessary. This new term for web hits and visits is “first showings;” I really like this because it is so true. “Virtural showings” or “Casper showings” sound as if those showings are not real. In fact, the web showings are very real and have a very real effect on how many people actually view the home in person.

So, the dialogue goes something like this: “Mr. & Mrs. Seller, the market and the marketing for homes have changed drastically in the past few years. In fact, first showings on your home are no longer in your home. The first showings take place on the web, and it is my job to get as many first showings as possible. Where we position your home within the long list of buyer choices in your price range will play a huge role in how many second showings we get. The second showings are when the buyers saw your home on the web (first showing) and decided that among all the choices, yours seemed like a winner and a great value. They then decide to take the time for a personal visit (second showing). It is not uncommon in today’s market to have 100 plus properties available in a set price range within 5 miles of your home. When that happens, it is important that we pop up on the first page or so of the buyer’s search online and then have a compelling price to encourage buyers to leave their living room and come to your home. “

I always learn great new things at the CRS classes and Sellabration! Thanks to all of the agents who contribute, share and make us all better at what we do.

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  2. By Gwen Barrilleaux | Reply

    I attended all 3 presentations by Jackie at the conference in Vegas this year. I was simply mesmorized by her wealth of knowledge and unique method of presentation, Awesome!!

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