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This book had me at the subtitle! “SWAY”



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by Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman

This book had me at the subtitle!!!

I’ve always wondered why my sellers wouldn’t listen to the market when pricing their homes, or why buyers and sellers walk away from an offer just to spite the other person. Okay, I’ve also wondered why I make some really dumb decisions too. Sway speaks to all of us in the fabulous stories and research articles that relate to our life and our business. This book truly takes the mystery out of irrational behavior.  If we want to be better negotiators, we must understand people and what makes them tick. Don’t even think twice on this one, it is a must!

Who is Coach Jackie?

Aside from being a fun-loving wife, mother and grandmother of 8 beautiful children…

I am a REALTOR® just like most of the people who visit my site.  During my 25+ year real estate career, I’ve learned that the dream I had since I was about 3 years old still stands.  I always wanted to teach and that passion remains today.  Whether I am in a small crowd of 10 – 25, or an auditorium filled with thousands of people, I am living my dream by making a positive difference in the lives of those around me.  I love to figure out your need and find a practical solution that you can  implement immediately to enhance your business…and, I’m told…your life.

I am blessed to have a career that allows me to fulfill my purpose.  Coaching individuals or training masses, is the best!  I look forward to interacting with you one-to-one or in a crowded room.  My goal will always be to assist you in being the best you an be and believing in yourself.

Thank you for being a part of my life.  (read more)