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My humble thank you…

If you’ve ever heard me speak, then you know how passionate and committed I am in trying to make a difference in people’s lives.  My journey takes me down many paths and I am blessed to meet so many of you along the way.  One of whom impacted my life 7 years ago…a young woman, named Lynn.
You see Lynn was on her own journey trying to make a difference, only those on her path like herself, had advanced breast cancer.  She established the Mountains of Hope Foundation, recognizing the need for more focus to be placed on the research and treatment of this recurring and devastating disease.  At that moment I made a heartfelt promise to support this charity, by pledging $1.00 from every product sale.  After all, this foundation is very unique, in that 100% of all donations go towards advanced breast cancer research.
In closing, my CD and forms may help YOU grow, because you are new in the business or they may help YOU by giving you that “ah-ha” moment, because you were feeling stagnant or they may help YOU get excited about real estate again, because you’ve been doing it for so long.
I just want you to realize when you purchased my product, YOU helped the “LYNN” in all of our lives…those with advanced breast cancer.
I humbly thank you,
Coach Jackie

View their upcoming event in Arizona on March 10th!

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  2. By Sharon Asari | Reply

    Jackie, I loved your class 202 you had in Des Moines Iowa, Feb 28, 2011, very much. I learned many things and implemented some already. You are one of the best instructors I’ve had the pleasure to listen to, if not the best. Thank you for giving the best of yourself for two days! Sharon Asari, Iowa City, Iowa

  3. By Jack Moberg | Reply

    I’m addicted to communications. A communicaholic, perhaps. When realtors passing my booth while on break at a recent Jackie session kept commenting about how good the presenter was I determined to crash the class after my obligations were complete. And I’m ever so pleased I did. Caught the last couple hours of Games People Play and sat mesmerized while learning new-to-me communication skills though I know nothing of the real estate profession. If you are in this business, seek her out. Pore over her website and get her materials. She’s that good. She gifted me with a parrot that will serve me for life. Thank you, Jackie.

  4. By Terry Bishop | Reply

    Arizona Chapter CRS was so fortunate to have you as an instructor for the Pricing Class. You have so many wonderful ideas and methods which I can see definitely will work. Thank you so much Jackie. We are all so much more knowledgeable because of you!

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