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Dropbox is a game-changer

Many of you ask me about Dropbox.  Simply stated, Dropbox is a game-changer.  My assistant and I are now on the same page with our files and folders!  We love it!  You can sign up with this link …I get a little extra storage for free if you use my link…thanks!  I use Dropbox for any files or folders that I need to access or share when I am away from my desk.  Simply create an account (from the link above) and download Dropbox to your computer.  Then, download the app to your phone and tablet. Log into the web account, your computer, your phone and your tablet with the same user name and password and whalla…all files are available and synced when any change is made.  If I need to send someone a file and I’m on the run, I simply open Dropbox on my phone, find the file and hit share and a link is generated in a new email and I send it off.  Gone are the days of writing myself a note to send something to someone, going back to my office, looking at my to do list, opening my email and attaching a file.  Hello time management!!!!!!

And, the syncing is amazing.  I don’t know how it works (I don’t know how my toaster works either, but it toasts my bread so I don’t care).  Dropbox simply works and it’s very, very reasonable: 2 GB for free or $99 a year for 1TB.  Or, you can do like I do and share the idea of managing files more effectively with others and you can earn free storage space.  

I also use Google Drive and Evernote, but for different purposes.  Enjoy the journey!!!