CRS Course Descriptions

CRS Listing Strategies (201) This course is career and life changing. Stop doing what everyone else is doing and learn new strategies to deal with today’s market and today’s sellers. Separate yourself from the crowd and make your life easier. Increase list to sell price ratios, decrease days on market and increase your referrals. You can’t afford not to come to this one!

CRS Sales (202)  Learn to negotiate like the pros and learn new strategies to deal with today’s market and today’s buyers. One size does not fit all!!!!  Learn to read all types of buyers and predict their behavior so that you are better prepared to work with them in their style and overcome the predictable objections.  This class will benefit your business and your life!!!

CRS Maximize Your Potential…Personally and Professionally (103)   How can one day change your life…both personally and professionally?  Maximize Your Potential…Personally and Professionally shows you how to find success in your real estate career and in your personal life.  This course will give you the resources to balance your business life with quality time for family and recreation. 

CRS One Day: Negotiations: The Games People Play   The overall objective of this course is to learn to implement collaborative vs. adversarial negotiations and to practice skilled counseling, conflict intervention and conflict resolution for the benefit of real estate customers & clients.