“I have known Jackie for close to 28+ years. I’ve been attending her classes that long, too!! She is absolutely incredible! No other words can define her. You miss the opportunity of the century if you do not attend a class of hers. And…once you have, trust me here (!) you will sign up for everything she does….some even travel out of their states to see and hear her!  And the amount of information she imparts to you is beyond belief. I leave her each time totally energized. After 28 years, that is pretty darn good!” Tari Sweeney, OH

“Before turning to full time sales I was a fee appraiser for over 20 years and thought I knew everything about pricing… well not so! I was not planning on attending your class but I was told that your classes were not to be missed and that you had tons to offer. I was not disappointed and I should have checked my “worth” attitude at the door. I learned more about how to think like a buyer vs like an appraiser or a broker in that 2 hours then in my whole career. I will put these golden nuggets to work immediately.” Stacy Bass, TX

“Hi Jackie, Great session at the NAR conference yesterday. Very thought provoking, informative and inspiring. Thanks so much.” Kevin Parson, United Kingdom

“The class Listings by the Dozen was incredible! Jackie had so much great information and delivered it with such charisma! She’s easy to follow and left me with tons of great information to apply to my business! Thanks Jackie!”  Maureen Sossa-Nguyen, FL

“If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to present information to your clients and you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd, you need to hear what Jackie Leavenworth has to say!”  James Vale, TX (2016 TAR Convention attendee)

“I attended the Negotiations class at the TAR Conference in Galveston and after attending that class, I cancelled my afternoon class so that I could attend Jackie’s other class.”  Tammy Pratka, TX

“Jackie’s presentations were without a doubt the highlight of this year’s Texas Realtors Conference.  She entertains, motivates, and inspires.”  James Brown, TX

“Loved your course on Thursday, NLP (Negotiate Like a Pro 6/9/16) Great examples, word choices, and body language ideas. I look forward to the next time I can be in attendance.” DJ Whaley, OH

“I was fortunate enough to attend Jackie’s Price War to the Door seminar and was astounded on the simplicity of the QHA!!!! I am looking forward to implement everything I learnt into my day to day business and see the results!!”  Ivan Paulic, Manitoba

“Very inspiring and motivating instructor with FANTASTIC and fresh ways of presenting how sellers should position their property for a successful sale.” Ernest Faubion, NE

“Wow!! One CRS class with Coach Jackie made me re-evaluate how I was doing everything!!” Elizabeth Kollman-Bhandari, NE

“Jackie, Thanks for a fabulous seminar on Price Wars, Negotiations, and “How to Stay out of RE Jail!!! Loved your information, your excitement, and most of all, your new way to share in an enlightening way necessary information with our clients!!! You are a 10+!!!” Valerie Hervert, NE

“I kept hearing how wonderful you and your classes were, and I couldn’t wait to attend one. Well — Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! What an energy filled session! Thank you for all the fresh ideas and suggestions! You definitely changed the way I look at listing presentations and negotiating!!! Looking forward to more instructional sessions with you!!”  Becky Short, FL

“I have attended many seminars that Jackie has provided and she is energetic, fun and very knowledgeable about her topics. There is always something to be learned so why not learn it from someone like Jackie who also makes it fun!” Linda Johnson, MN

“Just took your CRS class in Orlando at ERA convention IBC! You were great!  Best information I’ve heard in along time and highly recommend sitting in on class if you have opportunity.”  Sharon Watson, FL

“Listing verbiage learned by Jackie has changed how I communicate with my sellers. Explaining to sellers the strategy to get their property sold has definitely set me apart from my competitors. Best training I’ve ever had; well worth the investment.” Mikki Armstrong, MO

“Jackie Leavenworth rocks! Her 3 hour Negotiation Seminar was the perfect way for our company to begin the new year – the agents took away so many valuable tips and techniques that they can immediately implement into their business.” Liz Moore, President (Liz Moore and Associates) VA

“Jackie is by far the best instructor/coach I have ever had! She makes sure to stay on top of recent trends and keeps her programs fresh and relevant. Every time I see Jackie I call it my fresh shot of motivation! She helps me to focus on what is possible in Real Estate!”  Laura Williams, OH

“Jackie, I enjoyed your class at the Brecksville Rec Center (Listings by the Dozen) more than you know! When you’ve been in the business 19 years, you think you’ve heard about everything from every speaker, but your classes are ALWAYS fresh and new! You continue to grow and then you share your expertise so we can grow as well!  Thanks for being the best teacher EVER!” Charlene Terlep, OH

“Attended two of your sessions at NAR 2015.  Fantastic!  Jackie is charismatic, fun, engaging – and shares some of the best strategies and techniques to stand out from the crowd and to service clients in a way that truly makes a difference for them. Jackie has a heart and mind that showcases passion for the real industry. Inspiring! Thank you, Jackie!”  Aaron Carter, AZ

“Jackie’s seminars at NAR were amazing!  She packs so much content into each session and is very entertaining, weaving together personal stories and real life examples into powerful lessons we can all use. Thanks Jackie!” Karen Nitschke South Australia

“You have to pay attention to what Jackie can offer or you’ll always be wondering why you can’t reach your goals.” NAR Convention San Diego 2015   Marty Patrizi, NH

“Jackie Leavenworth is a phenomenal speaker and coach. Through her training sessions, she provides food for thought as well as excellent strategies and dialogue that is useful for novice and veteran real estate agents and brokers.” Pamela McInnis, MS

“Jackie, This was OUTSTANDING! We have never had that great of attendance at our convention courses since I’ve worked at AAR — You knocked it out of the park! I had a lady who only heard you at the keynote address tell me that was worth her price of admission.” Josh McFaul, Vice President of Strategic Development National Association of REALTORS® State Education Directors Chair, Alabama REALTORS®

“Jackie WHAT a GREAT presentation (It’s a Price War to the Door) that you have!! I have already implemented your Market positioning information and have had 2 sellers become more realistic in their pricing point. ALL on their own once I supplied the info!!!”  Regina Underwood, AL

“I just attend Jackie’s price war to the door seminar and got so much out of it! I am a seasoned high level producing Realtor and I learned some excellent new strategies on how to talk to my sellers. I am going to use the Market numbers that matter form today when I meet with one of my clients. Jackie is great at what she does keeping on point while making it fun and interesting all at the same time!  I also bought all of the CD’s and forms and have enjoyed listening to them every day since I left the course.”  Michelle Beckham, AL

“Spent 2 days of head spinning education with Coach Jackie. WOW! Best trainer ever. She teaches you how to be more effective in your business. And, you leave the class with a way to easily implement the things you learned.”  Janice Freeman, MO

“Great class (Listings by the Dozen & Dances with Wolves) yesterday, Jackie! Your enthusiasm and knowledge come together to make for extremely valuable time spent by any realtor. As others have said on your testimonial page, you help simplify the process and allow any realtor, no matter how long they have been in the business, to find one takeaway that will add to their bottom line. Best session I have ever attended!”  Patty Cunningham, PA

“I was present at you recent presentation, at the Libor Education Conference. For the first time I really sat up and listened, your presentation was refreshing and innovative. I enjoyed it tremendously and learned a lot in your session.  I look forward to hearing you speak again.”  Myrna Fitch, NY

“Taking your CRS 201 Listing Strategies class was the best thing I could have done for my real estate career. It was exactly the right kind of information that I was looking for. In 7 years of being in the real estate business this was the best training I’ve taken.”  Barbara Twarowska, NV

“In the world of Real Estate, there are coaches and then there is Jackie Leavenworth. Her no-holds-barred approach to getting students involved in the process is not just motivational, but effective. Jackie is a godsend for Realtors, whether they are neophytes or veterans.”–Jerome Dorsey, New Jersey Association of Realtors”Taking your CRS 201 Listing Presentation class was the best thing I could have done to further my real estate business! Thank you for being a great teacher.”  Barbara Twaroska, NV

“When I am at national or regional conferences, I always seek out Jackie’s sessions because I learn so much and have such a good time. You rock Jackie.”  Ron Albert, FL

If you only go to one class this year, make sure it’s one given by Jackie Leavenworth.  You’ll come away with a totally new outlook on talking with your new customers.  Robert Banks-Morgan, FL

If you have the opportunity to take a class with Jackie do so!!! She has amazing energy and will give you a new perspective on handling your business!!! Just implementing 1 thing from her class will help you. Nadia Heinz, FL

CRS 202 with Jackie was wonderful!! It enhanced my 10 years of experience and brought me to a higher level. Kathy Werneke, VA

Jackie is the most enthusiastic and informative speaker I have encountered. I love to be wherever she is because when she speaks, I listen! I encourage you to do the same. BIL Willis, OR

I attended CRS 103 in Kona Hawaii last week. I was inspired by Jackie’s knowledge and personability. As a new agent attaining a CRS designation seemed a bit out of reach, but after the class I absolutely see the value in working toward this goal. Rebecca Green, HI

Jackie is a dynamic and entertaining speaker while at the same time she delivers her knowledge in a manner that is easy to absorb and remember. I learned so much in the Listing Strategies in class that when I got a phone call in the middle of if from a potential client, I changed my whole dialogue with that person and got the listing! Thanks again Jackie.  Susan St. Martin, OR

Jackie was inspiring, entertaining and very professional. She connected with our CRS Negotiations class and held everyones attention for a full day. I was so impressed with her vulnerability and real life stories. I’m looking forward to taking her class again in the future.  Rebecca Green, HI

LOVED your day of training “Negotiations: The Games People Play.” So many good tips and advice. Brain too full at the end! But a good full!  Kaye DeFranceaux Leonard, HI

Attended your Negotiations class last Tuesday (OCT 7).  Without a doubt, Jackie’s Negotiations class is well worth the money and time spent! She is engaging, energetic, enthusiastic, funny, and mostly – she knows what she’s talking about! Her tools will prove useful for years to come! Thanks Coach Jackie!!  Kris Higman, SC

I truly enjoyed your class. I have been doing this a long time, and usually when I go to class it’s the same thing. I was on overload and took more notes than ever.  Thank you so much!  Beth Duke, MT

2014 LIBOR Conference…Wanted to thank you for a great day of helpful and Profitable information. If you ever get a chance to see Jackie in person, make sure you don’t pass it up. I can’t wait to get out and put her wisdom to use growing my business. John Camlet, NY

Jackie’s class: Negotiations was fantastic!! It was great learning ways to maneuver around the games people play … and learning how to better communicate and really connect with our clients. I can’t wait to get out there and apply these techniques!! Now if I could just think of a name for my parrot… Jennifer Hunt, CT

Jackie, thank you SO much for the past two days (CRS 202). It was an incredibly rewarding learning experience, and I will happily seek you out in the future. I am new to the real estate sales business, but have been a practicing attorney in real estate matters in CA for the past 9 years. I may sound like a jerk in saying this (it’s the high D in me?), but a LOT of the CE and other real estate courses I’m taking just do not engage me. You, on the other hand, are amazing. I’m not blowing smoke; I am truly impressed and, better, truly grateful for the time you’ve taken and the work you do. You elevate the profession. Shannon Paton, Reno NV

Your course was extraordinary! It’s rare that I truly connect with the speaker – but I absolutely did with your Listing By The Dozens course! I left the course wanting MORE!  Zelda Greenberg, Florida

Great, seasoned real estate agent and educator!! Love her Listings by the Dozens course.  Sarah Hewett, Florida

I am a new agent. I have only been selling real estate 1 year and 6 months. I have had only one listing . Your class have given me the courage to continue going forward I just need to believe in myself and stay focused.  Cassandra Brown, Florida

Hi Jackie, I attended your seminar this week at Pass in Pembroke, FABULOUS!  ENERGETIC, FUN, ENTERTAINING, INFORMATIVE, WICKED AWESOME, I know I am going to list more houses just by going to see Jackie!  Sue Depatie,  Massachusetts

“Dances with Wolves” was a great session for managers/brokers.  Jackie shared valuable insight into training, retaining and recruiting!  Kelly Marie, Massachusetts

Jackie, enjoyed the pricing seminar yesterday in West Yarmouth that you did for Kinlin Grover Real Estate.  Lots of great ideas and very timely directions for this current market.  Good for both new and experienced agents.  Jack Driscoll, Massachusetts

Great coaching class today (It’s a Price War to the Door May 22, 2013) Very informative even for a 34 year veteran of the business like me!  You can teach an old dog new tricks!  Evelyn Salvadore, Massachusetts

I have attended many seminars but the “Listings by the Dozen” seminar and Jackie Leavenworth truly inspired me.  The content was current with today’s market.  Jackie kept us entertained with her enthusiasm.  Looking forward to seeing her again!  Jennifer Jule, Massachusetts

Today was my third Coach Jackie seminar (Listings by the dozen May 21, 2013) As usual, I walked away with an abundance of information I can utilize immediately and a renewed enthusiasm for my business!  Mary Murray Massachusetts

Every class I’ve taken with Jackie has led to a better pay day. Thanks!  Dare Tulloch, Virginia

Coach Jackie was so to the point in her Negotiations: The Games People Play course.  Sometimes we get bogged down and can’t see the forest for the trees.  This is so worth seeing her and can’t help but improve your ability to negotiate with buyers, sellers and other agents as well.  Mike Bentley, Wisconsin

Listings by the Dozen course in Rehoboth Beach, DE…I have an insurance license and have taken numerous education classes.  I recently obtained my real estate license and have started taking training classes.  I can honestly say that Jackie is one of the best instructors I have ever had in either industry.   Mary Pirecki, Delaware

This 201 class (Reno, NV) was truly inspiring, and more importantly a tremendous reminder of how to do business well, and a confidence builder for me after 20 years in the business. Greg Humphrey, CaliforniaYour classes were the best, offering the most useful hands on tools offered at the C21 Global Conference! Thank you for everything!I have already put your lessons to action and PS they work (but I’m sure you already knew that) 😉  Kristie Kruger, Alberta

The CRS 201 class that I attended in Reno last week was the best real estate class I have ever had.!!! That covers the years from 1981 to present.  Marilyn Melrose, Nevada

If you have already taken CRS 201, the listing class, is it worth it taking the 1-day “It’s a Price War to the Door?”  I will travel pretty far to catch a class taught by Jackie.  She’s the best instructor that I’ve ever had.  her classes are upbeat, relevant and extremely useful.  I’ve taken 201 from Jackie twice plus her Price War class a couple of times.  It’s a lot of information and taking the class more than once lets you absorb and incorporate more of her strategies into your business, mind set and language.  Taking a class from Jackie is a MUST, regardless of the topic but Price War is my favorite.  Good Luck!  Brenda Stone, Virginia

Jackie’s CRS Price War class was amazing! I came away with more in one day about positioning a home in the market than I’ve learned in the 12 1/2 years I’ve been in real estate. Moments after leaving the class, I returned a call to a potential new seller and immediately implemented many of the tools learned during the day! Thank you, Jackie!  Sarah Harrington, Vermont

Thanks for the great CRS Price War class Jackie! Hope you will come back to VT again.  Being a new agent I am over whelmed with training – Jackie’s classes have been the first classes that I could take items and implement easily, right away. I am confident I came out of her classes a better agent! Susan Kaminski, Vermont

This class is great for the beginner as well as for the agent who feels that they know it all. It’s fresh and current, and Jackie is a great instructor!  Kristine Stell, Vermont

Nice job today at Triple Play!  Can’t get enough of Jackie’s “common sense” approach to Real Estate Sales!  I’ve heard a lot of speakers in my 23 years as a Realtor but Jackie was one of the best!  In 3 hours I got so many great, useful ideas and it was fun!  Can’t wait to hear her again!   Trish Duffy, New Jersey

I have been a full time Realtor for 20 years, although I am successful in my business, I felt I needed to “recharge” last December I took a few of Jackie’s classes, not really knowing what to expect. LET ME TELL YOU. I took the knowledge, changed my approach and wording with clients, then ran with it. I have double my commissions, and I promise it wasn’t luck, Thank You Jackie!  Christine Romanelli, New Jersey


I certainly enjoyed the Price War and Negotiation Seminars in Chicagoland… Lots of GREAT techniques.. Can’t wait to incorporate them.  Jo Woodward, Illinois

Listings by the Dozen, Erie PA…We crossed state lines for Jackies coarse, and even without the CE credits, all of our staff found it a worthwhile experience.  Nick Holt, New York

I thoroughly enjoyed your session at NAR in Orlando last week!! I bought your CDs, a set for myself and a set for my partner.  Words cannot express how much I’ve gained from just one session with Jackie! 90 minutes energized and inspired me to change my direction and get on with meeting sellers and persue listing properties with renewed enthusiasm! I’m ready to tackle even the toughest sellers! Thank you Jackie!!  Veronica Mullenix, Texas

I attended two of your presentations at NAR 2012 and I was disappointed when the hour and a half was done – I wanted to listen to you more!  You have the best real world solutions for agents and brokers I’ve ever seen!  Kristi Hardy, North Dakota

I took the CRS 201 course from Jackie in Nebraska in 2012. Great class and great instructor! I’ll be watching for the next class she teaches in my area for sure!  Kevin Burklund, Nebraska

Jackie is a great Speaker her class at the NAR Convention was Great!! Very informative.  John Harrison, Maryland

I was in your class at NAR in Orlando and thought you were terrific. Bought your CDs at the onsite bookstore.  I had an office meeting this am and shared much of what I learned from you. Was in a listing presentation with one of my agents yesterday and heard myself using your QHA terminology, Makes great sense!!  Judy Michaud, North Carolina

I have taken 2 of Jackie’s courses (CRS 201 and 202). Both where inspiring and well worth the time and cost. I came away with so much and putting it play.  Donna Hobscheid, Wisconsin

Thank you for a great CRS class in Milwaukee, my very first class. Being young in the business I found your negotiating techniques very valuable. I used a few of the negotiating skills this week as I was working with a Buyer. Working towards a win-win on a positive level with the other agent and asking the right questions of the buyers speed up the accepted offer.  Chris Smith, Wisconsin

Jackie is an amazing instructor, after taking her CRS201 & CRS103 courses, it has not only increased my real estate sales dramatically, these 2 seminars changed my life. Thank you Jackie, I look forward to more of your classes in Nebraska!  Jackie Lunzmann, Nebraska

The CRS class 202 was jam packed with ideas to boost my business! Thank you so much for all the information and keeping it interesting for two full days.  Rose Freidel, Wisconsin

Just attended my first CRS class (CRS202). I wish I hadn’t waited so long. I received so much excellent information that I will immediately start to use in my business. WELL worth the price of the class. Thank you!  Chris Hinners, Wisconsin

WOW!!! That’s ALL I can say! I left the Price War class hungry for more information and ready have fun with my career!!! The day went so fast! Thanks Jackie!  Heidi Spilde, South Dakota

In fifteen years of selling real estate, I have never taken a class (CRS201) that was more thoroughly enjoyable while being chock full of practical, usable ideas and strategies. Thanks for helping me up my game.  Sharon Dixon, Nebraska

Negotiations: The Games People Play…I have been in Real Estate a long time and I cannot remember the last time I left a class feeling inspired and like I had learned things I could use. Negotiations have been tough for me and have even had my clients tell me they felt I was too nice to negotiate on their behalf! Not a compliment! I didn’t get a CD but am going to order it now!  Valerie Tolson, Delaware

One of the best classes I’ve taken (CRS 201)!  I can’t wait to get out there and start closing those sellers with Jackie’s wonderful techniques!  Anne Hincks, Massachusetts

It’s a Price War to the Door!  Beyond my expectations. So much exciting information that I can’t wait to implement in my next listing presentation.  Thank you for making this learning experience so enjoyable.  Carolyn DeSimone, New Jersey

Thanks you for an outstanding 201 class with amazing insights. You present in such a dynamic way, and your words are echoing in my head. I know that pricing will not be my problem ever again.  Judy Reynolds, Massachusetts

WONDERFUL two days at CRS201.  I would take your classes over and over again irregardless of need for designation credits! Oh wait, I didn’t need the designation credits, your reputation got to me before you did! Keep up the great work!  John Vaillancourt, Massachusetts

Had I taken this CRS 201 class 6 months ago, I would have had at least one listing that I missed because of something I did not know and l learned in the class. Thanks Jackie!  Jane Becker, Massachusetts

I just attended your CRS One Day It’s a Price War to the Door class in Ames for the IAR Convention.  What an amazing day! You have packed so much information into the 8 hr day. The day flew past I cannot wait to use all my new pricing strategies!  Lisa Nolan, Iowa

I heard Jackie present three classes, including Negotiation Strategies, at the Iowa Association of Realtors State Convention. The information presented by Jackie was relevant, practical and immediately useful. I know that I will be more effective in my negotiations as a result of taking the class. Thank you Jackie!  Paul Livingston, Broker, Iowa

Another great class in Ames at the Iowa Realtors Convention. Every time I see Jackie in class, I learn something new that I can immediately integrate into my business to be more effective with Buyers and Sellers.   Gregory Brockman, CRS  Iowa

I’m still overwhelmed with all I learned from you in the 201 class in Virginia this week. My brain is spinning so much, my parrot can’t even talk! You’re passionate about what you do and it shows!  Been in the business for 8 1/2 years and have my GRI, ABR and Green designation. This by far the best class I’ve ever attended. Not just good information but the tools of how to put it into place in MY business! I will definitely be listening to the tapes over and over to cement everything in my brain!  Nancy Heisel, Virginia

Coach Jackie’s approach to tackling the sellers is refreshing, humorous and most of all, empowering! After 12 years in the business, I am finally comfortable & feel well equipped to increase my listings.  Move over buyers, I’m going for the sellers now!!  Christa Patton, Idaho

I so enjoyed meeting you at the FAR Convention this past weekend that I had to write and let you know I used one of your strategies on my WAY BACK HOME from the convention and it worked! I helped my buyer realize that if they wanted the house they told me they LOVED, were they willing to lose it by counter offering which amounts to SIX CENTS a day over a span of a 30 year mortgage? Then I WALKED WAY and they said, “Jamie, you are right. It’s NOT worth it.” CHA-CHING baby! Thanks Jackie. I hope I made your day better because you certainly made mine!  Jamie Lienhardt, Florida FAR Convention

I have been in the Real Estate Business as a Broker/Agent for a very long time. I mostly work on referral of past customers.  I leave that for the younger folks. I must say I came back from the convention in Orlando Florida and I was really inspired by your session. We can always use that inspiration and motivation that I came out of your class with. I came away with many tips and sites to give my business a jump start. We all need your inspiration and motivation. I felt that I had heard a lot of this before but in the changing market we all need to renew and recharge.. or just get our batteries fully charged and get ready to go.. Thanks so much I hope we can have you come to our South Broward Board of Realtors in Pembroke Pines, and Charge up our agents.  Joan Tersigni, South Florida FAR Convention

I attended 3 of Jackie’s sessions at the Florida Conference and found hers to be the most practical, well designed, energetic and funny. I hope she comes again next year.  Ann Rohrberger, Florida FAR Convention

If I was asked to pick, which one event from the FAR Convention was the best in content and kept my attention, there would be a clear answer.  Jackie Leavenworth. I look forward to experience all your other courses. Thank you for making the conference worthwhile. You are terrific!  Maria Brackett, Florida FAR Convention

I met you at the Prudential Convention last year in San Diego and purchased your Pricing CD. Well worth the investment.  Seeing you again in Florida made my visit to the convention complete. You are insightful and have lots of good ideas and with so much energy, you are a believer. Thanks again for conducting session that I haven’t seen before.   Mary Ann Carroll, Florida FAR Convention

I met Coach Jackie at my very first CRS Course in Fort Lauderdale this year, taking the Listing Course.  This course and the tools that Coach Jackie taught me fundamentally changed how i run my real estate business. I literally doubled my business applying techniques i learnt in her class. Jackie’s energy is contagious! I listen to her CDs and get energized, almost daily, always finding new fresh ideas that help me be more productive. I am looking forward to taking more classes and seminars with Coach Jackie very soon!  Julia Ray, Florida FAR Convention

Your session today was WONDERFUL!  I took tons of notes and have a lot to review.  I am excited to return to work and get going!  Thank you.  Maggie Dokic, Florida  FAR Convention

Coach Jackie is fantastic, she has great ideas to increase your business!  I have changed my business plan and focus on what’s important.  Thank you Jackie!  Abigail Orris, Florida  FAR Convention

Attended your seminar at the LIBOR Education Conference, your energy and knowledge of “Todays”market place was engaging and educational.  I like that you spared us all the unnecessary fluff and gave us the “Meat & Potatoes” of this ever changing business. I now can “Reposition” myself to excel in the field of “Ipods”!  I really appreciate your enthusiasm and expertise!  Thank you!  Doreen Spiller, Lindenhurst NY

I rarely write a testimonial, however, I was so impressed and learned so much that I felt compelled to write the following about my recent experience at the seminar Jackie presented in Fort Lauderdale this past week.  Coach Jackie’s instruction at the recent CRS 201 class in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was top flight. She definitely soars with the eagles. It was definitely a game changing experience for me. All of the material covered was relevant and current, her hands-on, interactive style of teaching style makes learning fun and exciting. I came away from the seminar with a tool box full of cutting edge techniques, systems and processes which I will implement immediately to take my real estate practice to the next level in 2012. I would recommend her seminar’s to anyone interested in growing their business by listing and selling more real estate.  Bill Haussmann, Florida

I go to a ton of trainings.   You are one of the best I have ever seen.  You are funny, brilliant and you really hold the attention of the audience!  Colleen Boyle Jolin, Massachusetts

I was able to take Jackie Leavenworth’s course today at PASS in Massachusetts and I have to say it is the best real estate course I have ever taken.  I have my GRI, ABR, ePRO, GREEN, AHWD, SFR—but this is the first course that changed how I will do business in the future.  Peggy Dinger, Massachusetts

Your program today (Negotiations) was THE BEST real estate education and practical knowledge I’ve ever received.  They say if you leave a program and implement one thing it’s worth your while.  Your delivery and of creative strategies and ideas has me using many of your suggestions.  Thank you so much!  Chris Head, Massachusetts

Jackie, you are amazing!  I just attended your Negotiations seminar in Pembroke, MA and I can’t wait to see you again. You are so inspirational!!!  I just got my license in December and you gave me so many tools to use in my career and my life.  Amazing…Inspirational…Life Changing…Thank you! Kerri Nagle, Massachusetts

Occasionally, there are educators whose passion for what they are teaching grabs you from the moment they start talking. Their information and impact so large, they not only benefit the student…they benefit the whole community. Coach Jackie is one of those elite instructors in our industry! She will impact your business!  Darren Burke, Ohio

I have taken Jackie’s Listing and Negotiations classes and believe she is one of the best instructors I’ve had in my 27 years in real estate.  Ann Taylor, New Mexico

I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar, “It’s a Price War to the Door” and I look forward to using many of the new techniques and terms that I learned!  Sally Kerner, Virginia

Your energy and innovation are unmatched. I love your fresh approach to real estate. It is always a treat to take your classes! Taking your courses and incorporating your tips and techniques have had a marked impact on the success of my business.   Mella Skow, New Mexico

Really enjoyed the negotiations class – I’ve been saying how I really think we are missing something by not presenting our offers in person. I was trained to do so 24 years ago and think it’s essential… we are salespeople… aren’t we? Glad to have someone back me up.  Rose Davidson, New Mexico

Great negotiations class today. My brain was exploding with ideas to implement. And… I can make a few quick changes for what I believe will be immediate results. Starting now!  Tracy Venturi, New Mexico

Thanks for the fantastic negotiations class today!  Attending one of Jackie’s workshops will recharge your business. Simple yet powerful tips to make you a better negotiator.  Deanna Dopslaf, New Mexico

Our team looks forward to Triple Play every year and ever since we saw you last year we make it a point to see every course you teach. Your energy and enthusiasm for your business and your insight has completely changed our business and we have had an amazing year because of what we learned at your seminars. Keep on teaching! The real estate industry needs people like you!  Susan DiPinto, New Jersey

Jackie, I took course 201 from you in St Paul it was the best pricing/listing course I’ve ever taken. I went back after taking the course repositioned 5 listing, picked up 8 showings we would have missed out on and got 1 sale, in 2 weeks. I’m now listening to your Negotiations CD’s, all I can say is Thank you!! Ron Hanger, Minnesota

Thanks again Jackie! This was the 2nd year I attended ALL of your classes, I love the way that you handle objections with a smile and never cause the other side to get on the defense, Truly A talent!   If you have even been lucky enough to take one of her classes I’m sure you can’t disagree that Jackie is a delight! I’ve never miss a class of hers when she is speaking at a conference I’m attending. She reminds us that in a world of technology communication is still key. Her DICS class has opened my eyes and changed more than my business, but my personal life. Her Listings By the Dozen Class thought me how to get my client to trust me by building a relationship. She shares her experiences and leaves you with new perspective as well as a beaming smile. After her class I’m eager to share what I’ve learned. Thank you Jackie!  Desiree Thornton, New York

Attended your sessions at Triple Play, you are inspiring! I’ve been in Real Estate since 1992 & a Broker/Owner since 1997. I’ve attended alot of motivational/training sessions, and Jackie is the best of the best! At my stage you usually find a statement that you don’t entirely agree with, not the case with Jackie. SHE KNOWS THE BUSINESS! Her viewpoints are relevant to today’s market and valuable in planning for the future.  Judith Hart, New York

Thank you for the awesome seminar, Selling with Style! You really expanded my understanding of the psychology behind people’s observable behaviors. Now I can read the clues they give, so I can communicate with them better, and develop a rapport even faster! Not only are you an engaging speaker, you are also an effective teacher. Thank you! Cheryl Craig, NJ

Loved the presentation at Triple Play. Heard you last year and you are why I came back!   Ingrid Weil, Pennsylvania

Loved your class at Triple Play.  Although I have been in the industry for 35 years it was just what I needed to jumpstart my year. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Keep up the good work!  Janet Brown, New Jersey

I was just at the Triple Play in Atlantic City. Although I have been in the business since 1986 I found the class quite refreshing and invigorating. The dialogue you exposed us to and the energy you created were tremendous. Go Jackie!   Jim Pappas, New York

In 2010, I attended your packed session at Triple Play I was impressed, 2011 I attended Listings by the Dozen and absolutely loved the session!  Can’t wait for 2012!  Cecelia Valentino, New York

LOVED your energy! LOVED your class at TriplePlay this year. I’m a buyer’s specialist for our team, but our lead listing specialist was unable to attend, so I went to this class for him. I have SO much info to share. THANKS for your incredible ability to teach. It was great!  Kay Zittrer, Pennsylvania

I attended your class at Triple Play this year in Atlantic City and it was the best class ever. I loved your energy and you tell it like it is. I will use your words of wisdom in my future real estate business. Kimberly Frantz, New York

I took your “listings by the dozen” class in Atlantic City. It was great! I plan to use many of your tips and techniques in growing my business. Thanks for being such a great presenter. Laurel Sweeney, New York

Just attended your session at Triple Play and as always, found you very informative.  Jackie is a wonderful speaker that has a ton of knowledge and experience to share as well as the ability to grab everyone’s attention and keep it.  Joseph Costello, New Jersey

Hi Jackie, just saw your seminar in AC today. You put on a great show with fantastic content.   Alex Baron, New York

What a pleasure it has been taking your classes the past few years. Thanks again for all your passion and energy you put into what you do Jackie.  Jamie Yaman, New York

You were sensational in Atlantic city. What a motivator!  Marlene Michael, New Jersey

I really enjoyed you class today, “Listings by the Dozen” at Triple Play. I look forward to using some of your suggestions in my future business! Tyler Wagner, Pennsylvania

Listings by the Dozen program during NAR conference was one of the best programs I have ever attended/heard in the last 15 years.   Fun – Insightful – Career Changing – Jackie is a true leader in bringing cutting edge real estate tools to agents!  David B., Texas

Coach Jackie was absolutely the best @NAR Anaheim 2011!
Rich K.,  St.Paul Minnesota

Loved your session at NAR and now I am raring to go!  Michele H., Canada

Thank you for your Listing by the Dozen and for leading the tech panel.  Coach Jackie’s scripts and dialogs are outstanding in their use of the right words and tone to really connect with clients and prospects.  Ken A., Nevada

Thanks for a great presentation at NAR! Helpful info and you fired me up as a manager/owner. Looking forward to taking your enthusiasm back to Skye Bruce Properties and sharing it with the team!  David B., Virginia

Hi Jackie! Loved you at the NAR class this morning. I could sit in your classes ALL day!  Heather W., Colorado

After seeing Jackie in Wichita in October 2011 I purchased her CDs. I have listened to them over and over. I know my office is tired of hearing me spout off, “this is what I learned at conference…” The lesson that I have had to use the most in our market in El Dorado, KS is “Is this a tragedy or an inconvenience?” Luckily so far we have had no tragedies and reminding myself and other Realtors of this has helped lower the stress on several transactions. I highly recommend Jackie not only for teaching us better ways to serve our clients but how to help lower stress in doing it.  Linda B., Kansas

Your CRS 201 course provided a wealth of information that I was able to implement immediately. I’m using your techniques to counsel agents and they are very receptive to this new approach.  Shirene H., Connecticut

Your CRS 201 class was amazing. You have completely changed my listing presentation. You have such great ideas and a fresh way to think about the real estate market! Thank you.  Joan D., Connecticut

Any agent wanting to make changes that will truly enhance their business needs to take instruction from Jackie. Outstanding!  Joel G., Connecticut

Jackie was great. Gave tons of new information on listing strategies. She is informative, warm, approachable and entertaining! It was a wonderful experience!  Deborah C., Connecticut

Fantastic ..time well spent in a course that is pertinent to today’s market. I had several “AH HA” moments that will help me be a more confident agent. You are a great value!  Kathy M., Connecticut

Hi Jackie: As a newer agent (1 1/2 yrs) I feel TRULY empowered by the many lessons learned in our 2 day class. Thank you for your enthusiastic approach to teaching real estate. It was worth my time and effort!!  Donna P., Connecticut

What can I say about “Coach Jackie”. When she speaks at our classes we can’t get enough of her. Loved and used already positioning rather than reducing the price! Can’t wait for you to return to CT.  Yolanda L., Connecticut

Thank you for a terrific class that gave me some amazing ideas. You also boosted 5 of my agents to the next level. Thanks so much. I can’t wait to take another class.  Sally B., Connecticut

Enjoyed every minute of the class….
Thanks so much.  I am a better empowered person to have attended and hopefully absorbed everything you covered.  Thanks again, Denise G., Connecticut