Talking to sellers about Zillow

Talking to sellers about Zillow from Jackie Leavenworth on Vimeo.

Live from the 2016 NAR Conference in Orlando FL,  Jackie discusses her strategies for making negotiations work for you in the modern age.

Pricing Competition Vs Comps

Pricing Active Listings…Really?

Pricing 5 Strategies Summary

Pricing Price Vs Position

Pricing 1st Showings Today

In this clip I share how to sell homes in any market

In this clip, I explain the benefits of having sellers conduct an inspect prior to selling.

In this clip, I offer tactics in dealing with clients who wish you to lower your commission.

Cleveland, OH:   “Brian Copeland from Nashville, TN is one of my real estate mentees.  Watch and listen as he shares with us his very structured protocol for navigating buyers through the home searching process.”  Coach Jackie

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